LinuxConf 2011

Linux mascot Tux the penguinThis week CASE President Darrell Burkey travelled to Brisbane along with five hundred or so other participants for Linux Australia's annual conference LinuxConf2011. Renowned for attracting the most respected and influential of speakers, this conference brings together those who work to defend openness and equitable access to technology. 

This year's keynote speakers included Vint Cerf, Vice-President of Google who co-created the very protocol which makes the Internet possible and Eric Allman who wrote the original software that moves email around the Internet. Thirty years later his software is still in use by the majority of systems managing the delivery of email on the Internet.

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"Listening to those that created the tools which made the Internet possible was an experience I'll never forget. At one point I even had the opportunity to discuss scuba diving with the author of the Linux operating system Linus Torvalds who I refer to as the head penguin".

All of the presentations at LinuxConf2011, including the keynote speakers, were streamed live to the Internet and will be on Blip TV as they become available. If you want to hear what those who have worked in information technology for decades have to say about how things are shaping up, make sure to grab a cuppa and have a listen. If you want to know how to roast coffee be sure to listen to CASE volunteer Andrew 'Tridge' Tridgell's presentation. 

In a show of support to the Queensland flood appeal many conference attendees decided to join working groups to assist in the cleanup. LinuxConf was actually moved only a week before the conference date from one campus of  Queensland University of Technology to their campus at Kelvin Grove which is on higher ground. Further assistance was provided during the conference dinner where auctions for conference prizes raised over $23,000 which was donated to the flood appeal.

Online Keynote Presentations

Vinton Cerf 

Geoff Huston

Eric Allman - Sendmail

All Online LinuxConf2011 Presentations can be found on Blip TV as they become available.

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